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Employee Recognition

What is employee recognition?

In business, employee recognition is the positive acknowledgment of a staff member’s hard work and good performance. It can involve a simple thank you by email or a big reward to recognise their day-to-day efforts. This important business component can go a long way in benefiting your staff performance and your company’s development.

Helping to keep your staff happy, 
satisfied and engaged

Staff are universally considered to be a company’s biggest asset, so it’s important to make sure your employees care about your business and believe in your values. Employees who don’t will naturally not perform to the best of their abilities. This is why it’s vital to make sure all your employees are happy, satisfied, and engaged in your company. An engaged employee is someone who fully buys into your company values and wants to help develop your brand. A satisfied and positive, happy employee is also more likely to perform well for you than one who is dissatisfied and negative. This is where employee recognition can help. Recognising your staff’s hard work shows you appreciate them and what they do. In return, they can feel valued, satisfied, and engaged in your business.

With this in mind – some of the services we offer our clients:
Capablity review development

we will work with your HR team to develop clear and consise capabliity reviews and a performance management matrix

Performance tracking

we will use company data and KPIs to help you quickly highlight the rising stars in a quantified and fair way

Reward profiling & Gifting plus

We work with your teams and customers to understand exactly what motivates your specific people. We then work with you to design and implement reward programs that will deliver maximum impact



Wider Rewards Gift Select is a flexible points-based reward scheme which can be customised to meet your ongoing reward and recognition objectives. The scheme is available to suit a wide range of budgets and employee demographics.


Employees are awarded points which can be redeemed online for a range of gifts. The points can be saved up so the employee can work towards a wish-list, promoting ongoing engagement and motivation. Items selected from the Gift Select catalogue are delivered free of charge.


We focus have secured discount pricing on some of the newest and most desirable gift including state of the art laptops, handsets, accessories, music players, headphones, TVs and more!

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