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Reward Fulfilment

What is Reward Fulfilment?

Desirable prizes keep momentum and focus, encouraging each participant to work harder to achieve them. ‘Desirable’ means something different for all your participants, so we work with your teams to ensure we build a package of rewards that specifically meets their needs – top brand products, gadgets, digital rewards, experiences, prepaid cards, vouchers and more. Th Verdura program is proven to keep your people fully engaged in your programme and business.

Our strong supplier relationship differentiates us

Every business is different. Our wide base of supplier and gifting options differentiates us from the rest. At Verdura we can not only understand your need, but also manage the procurement and fulfilment process for you from start to finish.

With this in mind – some of the services we offer our clients:

Reward sourcing

We work with top brands from around the world to procure our range of high qulity offers to suit your every need. These offers are price checked across multple platform to ensure we can offer our customers not only the best choice – but great value too!


We work with a number of reputable insurers to provide cover for the products and offers we help you to source. Ask your sales representative for more information.

Gifting Finance

we offer bespoke financing solutions for some of our product lines. This can help make the more valuable gifts and rewards far more affordable. With Verdura finance solutions, your company can allocate a small monthly payment towards the perfect gift for your people – helping to smooth cash flow. We work closely with our finance partners in order to offer low and fair interest rates. *please note gifting finance is only available on some products, please speak to your sale representative for more information.

Reward profiling & Gifting plus

We work with your teams and customers to understand exactly what motivates your specific people. We then work with you to design and implement reward programs that will deliver maximum impact

With this in mind – some of the services we offer our clients:

We have experience servicing a wide range of categories… but it doesn’t end here. Speak to your sales representative for more information!
Fulfilment categories
Designer accessories
Gadgets & Technology
Fitness accessories & bicycles
Prepaid cards & digital vouchers
Experiences 7 event access
Business benefits

  • Desirable rewards that encourage positive behaviours, productivity and engagement

  • Prizes sourced from a wide range of suppliers to ensure we deliver the best value

  • A superior selection of rewards from leading brands at a competitive cost

  • Worldwide reward solutions

  • Trackable activity

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Easy to deploy and manage

Employee benefits

  • Access to 1000s of exciting rewards

  • Fabulous products, digital rewards, prepaid cards and vouchers

  • Participants can select a ‘goal item’ that they can focus on achieving

  • Varying values – rewards for all

  • Feel valued and appreciated

  • Increased happiness

  • Increased job satisfaction

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