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What is Computer Scheme?

With rapid advances in technology and the ever increasing power of social media, more and more people seem set on keeping up with all the latest gadgets. So, it’s not surprising that our Computer Scheme has become so popular. This updated version of the former home computing initiative (HCI), enables employees to benefit from the very latest technology, including Apple products, and pay for these over a fixed term, with the cost deducted monthly from salary.

We’ll provide you with

  • Full administration including enrolment, marketing, risk and compliance

  • Access to the widest range of IT equipment including Apple, Samsung and Sony

  • HMRC compliant documentation

  • An on line catalogue for employees to order equipment

  • Fully interfaced with suppliers for speedy distribution

  • Extended warranties, damage and theft cover and early term insurance

  • Flexible election windows and scheme rules

  • National Minimum Wage checks

  • Dedicated employee support including telephone enrolment

  • HR administration tools and management information

  • Detailed real time management information including company NI savings

  • No cost, cash neutral with competitive financing

  • Full end of scheme administration.

Key Information
  • A Government backed fully HMRC compliant salary sacrifice benefit

  • Employers can save 5% in NICs on the total salary sacrifice value

  • Employees can save up to 20% in tax and NI

  • Employees’ salary reductions are typically run over 36 months although this can be reduced to 12 or 24 months (employees will only save NI over a reduced term)

  • Employees’ payments are fixed for the duration of the contract

  • Employees can choose more than one piece of equipment

  • Schemes can be financed so there is no cash outlay for your company

  • A compliant transfer of ownership process is required at the end of the scheme.

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