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Sales Incentives

What is Sales Incentives?

In a competitive marketplace there is increased pressure on sales teams to go the extra mile. The right employee rewards and incentives programme can transform your sales operation and keep your teams motivated. Our sales incentive programmes provide measurable improvement to your business and ensure your teams are as happy as they are hard working. Flexible and tailored, they incorporate disparate working locations and variable objectives.

How sales incentives can help your business

Ensuring your teams are aligned and working in the same direction is key to success in any business. This kind of cohesion helps to create a happy work environment whilst reducing unrequired stress and wasted effort. For sales driven businesses (let’s face it, this includes many of us) it’s therefore very important to be clear on; what the business needs to achieve, how this links to strategy and how we can guide our teams to deliver this strategy in an educated and deliberate manner. Let’s not forgot that for sales strategies to succeed they must really drive positive value, feel achievable and realistic and be owned by the people working towards them as far as possible.

With this in mind – some of the services we offer our clients:
Strategy and Sales Mapping

we work with your exec team to understand where you want to go as a business and how sales fits into that picture

Sales targeting

we work directly with your sales teams to understand the environment in which you operate to help device sales strategies that are achievable and that they are bought into

Reward profiling

We work with your teams to understand exactly what motivates your specific people. We then work with you to design and implement reward and incentives programs that will deliver maximum impact. This will include cash bonuses but also Verdure Gifting of products, services and experiences

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